Create + control fixtures with your mobile device

Control, record and playback light shows with ease all through Art-Net / sACN and your mobile device.


The @Full app from Blizzard Lighting allows you to bring fixtures and ideas to life with its intuitive show editor, real-time miniconsole controls, and an extensive library of fixture profiles — all from the palm of your hand.

@Full + SoC-It

For ultimate functionality pair @Full with our homegrown, wireless DMX control solution SoC-It


Set up your lights quickly & easily by choosing from our built-in library of fixtures.


@Full makes it super simple to control your lights! Our unique sliders provide easy-to-read visual feedback.


From a ballyhoo to a simple blinking lamp, @Full’s
Build-A-Namation engine makes it a breeze to create amazing eye candy.

Record (with @Full)

@Full can record your DMX streams live, and save them to the cloud where you’ll be able to access them anywhere!

Playback (with @Full)

Easily mix & match your recordings to quickly create new lighting combinations.


@Full's miniconsole can be used to send messages to any
Wi-Fi-enabled Art-Net device, and works great in tandem
with its recording features.

Latest Update: January 2021 Release
FX Panel, Tap Tempo & more!

Preview the latest pro features including: customizable animations, a new FX Panel, quick connect with SoC-It and Hemisphere devices, and a slew of performance and UI fixes. Update the app today to give em’ a test drive.